The Archaeological Project at the Neolithic Settlement of Avgi (Kastoria region, NW Greece) is an ongoing multidimensional, interdisciplinary program that seeks to approach and understand social life within the Neolithic community of Avgi.

The site during the excavations of the year 2008 .

The Project investigates various aspects of Neolithic life (i.e. the settlement’s biography, the organization and use of space, the neolithic household, the agricultural and husbandry practices, the production and consumption of material culture) through different scales of analysis and interpretation.

Excavating the building collapse of a Neolithic house at the site’s East Sector.

The Project also seeks to incorporate the archaeological practice into the contemporary reality by various means, targeting at different groups of people. Therefore a variety of social actions were designed (i.e. a small exhibition, lectures, tours, educational programs) in order to communicate the results of the archeological work to a wider audience. Finally, a long term goal is the transformation of the archaeological site into a multi-dimensional archaeological park that will provide the visitors with the opportunity to experience the archaeological work in a number of tangible and vivid ways.

Body fragment (hip) of a clay woman figurine from the site’s West Sector.


Updated: 28 April 2013